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About Film Making

Our strength is to understand the technology and implement in right manner as indicated by client. Take responsibility on entire project from the time of requirement up to delivery of project, assure timely and quality service at all times.We make things look meaningful, engaging and pretty!.

Corporate Film

We give Creative video concepts based on your goals, your audience insights and your core content. So that your audience pursue exactly what you communicated.

TV Commercial

We make Commercial Ads most memorable and effective. Our strategy helps in establishing your brand in more creative way and build trust.

Testimonial Videos

Powerful customer Testimonial videos done right for you, which in return inspire your audiences to take action on your product or services.

Product videos

We make a good promotional video for all your products considering buyer persona. Your product video is your sales generating machine.

How to videos

How to videos are the most searched videos in online today. Create product awareness and educate your audience as a part of brand building activity.

Over view videos

Overview videos are created to build brand reputation to all your targeted audiences. You can convey what you do? How you do and how different from competition.




Planning the entire requirement includes scripting, story board, Selecting location, Instruments, budgeting, approvals etc.


Setting up and producing the film as per client requirement. Necessary footages of the elements covered up in stipulated time frame.

Post Production

Final output is made ready after undergoing several steps of editing, corrections and voice overs.

Storytelling and the Art of Filmmaking

Flim Making

Film is a young medium, creative communication has used film making to give us experiences that we value.

Flim Production

Film depends on complex technology and we are up to date with all latest film making tools and technology. Films are not only created but produced, as it involves a fairly a professional team to do it.


We understand the principles and techniques that give film its power to tell stories, express emotions, and trigger big ideas.


Complete end to end solution on every aspects of the filmmaking process. We start by considering film art in general, and we look at one film that illustrates how skilful and effective that art can be.

Sample Videos


2. Commercial Advertisements

3. Corporate Video Making

4. Mobile Application Video

4. Film Making

6. Film Post Production

7. Commercial TV Advertisiment

8. Product Video

9. Naksatra Regular Version

cinema on-screen advertising

Theatre ads

Cinema theatre campaigns are more powerful and effective


Feel the big screen and make a bigger brand reputation.

Creative ideas

Great opportunity to be as creative as the films

Reach Audience

Build an interactive experience before the film.

Theatre Advertisement

Multiplexes grant you the option to pick and choose your audiences on the basis of the location of the theatre, movie genre, language, show timings, etc. This makes the medium most viable for marketers looking for sieving through the larger audience to focus on that niche target that they wish to address.

• Static or Mute Theatre Slide Ads
• Audio Video Theatre Slide Ads

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