Funny Animated Commercials:

2D funny animated Commercials for Video marketing. Ghost concept is all about reminding the audience about painting and black energy. However this seems to be very playful among the audience it creates a positive note on painting and keeping our home clean as tradition. Watch this video for more insight

Communication:  External Marketing Communication

Target Audience:  New home builders, Existing building owners

Type of Animation: 2D Funny Animation Commercial Videos

Industry: Interior and Exterior Painting

Medium of Distribution: Online Promotion (YouTube, Email, Website and Social Chat)

Project duration: 8 – 13 days

Source File Protection: Up to 5 Years from Order date your files are safe with us, you can access your video files any time for future update or Retrieve at any damage of video files.

1. Client Requirement for 2D Funny Animated Commercials Video:

Client has subscribed our video marketing package, where we are committed to create satisfied animated commercial series of videos for online marketing campaign. We had created many concepts understanding the user of PaintApp customer and buyer persona.

2D Funny Animated Commercials Video - PaintApp

2. 2D Funny Animated Commercials Video Requirement for Production

WHAT IS THE VIDEO CONTENT? (Story/ concept/ idea/ reference videos)

Ans: Client requested us to create the concept

WHO IS THE VIDEO AUDIENCE? (Age, gender, location, language, designation, industry)

Ans: New home builders, Existing building owners

WHERE IS VIDEO IS BEING PLAYED? (Website, YouTube, Social Media, TV, Theatre)

Ans: Online Promotion (Email, Website and Social Chat)

WHAT IS THE RESULT EXPECTED AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO (Sales/ buying, Marketing/ awareness, Branding or Reputation)?

Ans: Awareness and Increase Mobile Application downloads in Google Play store.

3. PRODUCTION STAGES (Funny Animated Commercials)

a. Concept and Scripting of Funny Animated Commercials

Concept for video was to make it funny and increase customer engagement. We created a ghost concept and superhero as painter. This video is all about how the painting was traditionally important on every festive occasion.

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials concept - PaintApp

b. Storyboard & Sketching

We sometime draw hand sketches, 2D vector illustration or even a presentation deck to explain how the video will look after completion, so client can add up his view and thoughts before we head actual production. Check the below

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials storyboard - PaintApp

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials storyboard - PaintApp

c. 2D Character, 2D Prop & Location Design

We developed 2D characters, 2D buildings, paint brush, paint tins, hanging rope vector for animation video as per story board.

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials Character Design - PaintApp

d. Color styling

The visual part in 2D animated videos includes coloring and environment of video which is drawn by artist looking at real environment to match video content as per story board.

e. Animation Process of Funny Animated Commercials 

In this stage animation indicates the action and motion or any activity like walking, jumping, moving etc. is done in the video as per script and story board.

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials- PaintApp

f. Funny Animated Commercials Video Overview

Checking the entire video is aligned as per the video script before the final output is called video overview.

2D Funny Ghost Animated Commercials- PaintApp

g. Rendering

It’s a machine process to get the creativity output.

2D Funny Animated Commercials- PaintApp

h. Editing & Final HD

Composite is all about adding the images into video format.Editing is all about adding the rendered images into video format and aligning as per video script.A visual effect like computer graphics, text animation, video title, and subtitle is added at this stage.Audio effects like voice over, back ground music and SFX detailing are given at this stage.

HD 2D Funny Animated Commercials- PaintApp



Project name: 2D Funny Animated Commercials For Video Marketing- Ghost Concept

Project duration: 8 – 13 days

Project cost: Get quote

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