Top 3d Animation Company For Consumer Goods – HP Printer 2020

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On October 1, 2019
Electronics Animation Videos by 3danimation

3d Animation Company:

Latest model of HP Printer with all the features like Bluetooth, Message Notification, Mobile Scan and bar code, easy sharing option.

Communication: External Marketing Communication

Target Audience: Office Admin, IT Purchase

Type of Animation: 3D Product Animation

Industry: Electronic Goods

Medium of Distribution: Digital Medium

Project duration:  24– 28 days

Source File Protection: Up to 5 Years from Order date your files are safe with us, You can access your video files any time for future update or Retrieve at any damage of video files.

1. Electronics Animation Video Client Requirement:

Client shared us the product catalogue and technical information like features and usages. This is a new product yet to be launched for up gradation of older version. . Explore further about the range of services we offer.

2. 3d Animation Company Requirement:

WHAT IS THE VIDEO CONTENT? (Ex: story/ concept/ idea/ reference videos)

Ans: Updated version of existing module with new add on features

WHO IS THE VIDEO AUDIENCE? (Ex: age, gender, location, language, designation, industry)

Ans: Office Admin, IT Purchase

WHERE IS VIDEO IS BEING PLAYED? (Website, YouTube, Social Media, TV, Theatre)

Ans: Digital Medium

WHAT IS THE RESULT EXPECTED AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO? (Sales/ buying, Marketing/ awareness, Branding or Reputation)

Ans: Sales

3. Electronics Animation Video Production Stages

a. Concept & Scripting

Concept was to show the advanced uses of the printer using the 3d product animation video.

b. Modeling & Texturing

We developed 3D models from the reference images and developed HP Printer. The whole effort of texturing is to give a realistic look to the video as such in real life scenario. Feel free to visit our partner site for additional resources and information.

3d Animation Company

c. 3D Electronics Animation process

As per the script the 3D animation scene is produced Example: The features of the printer like Bluetooth, Message Notification, Mobile Scan and barcode, easy sharing option

3d Animation Company

d. Lighting & composite

The visual reality is achieved in packaging animated video as similar to the live scenario, we match all the colors, add day lights, to enhance the visuals of 3d animation video. This helps photo- realism environment to your animated video.

e. Electronics Animation Preview video

We produce preview videos and share with clients for approval. In this stage client can visualize the video content and communication. Though this is not the final video or the actual visual, in this video you can find some grey scales and non-detailed visuals. If you want to check the content of your animation video this is the stage you can add or delete to modify the video before going for 3D rendering.

3d Animation Company

f. Rendering

It’s a machine process to get the creativity output as .png or .jpg as a sequence of images at 24 to 36 fps. Rendering usually takes 4 hours to produce 10sec video output. If any correction, you have to wait until it is re- rendered. Also depends on the video assets and video quality output. If any corrections, you have to wait until it is re- rendered. To avoid such delays we pre-plan the production and do the iteration at every stage.

3d Animation Company

g. Video Editing & Final HD Animation

Editing is all about adding the rendered images into video format and aligning as per video script. Visual effects like computer graphics, text animation and subtitle is added at this stage. Audio effects like voice over, back ground music and Sound FX detailing are also given at this stage.

3d Animation Company


Project Name: 3d Animation Company Video for Consumer Goods – HP Printer 2020

Project Duration:  24– 28 days

Project Cost: Get quote

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