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On September 20, 2022
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Only a few animation production companies stand out for their abilities to generate visually appealing and engaging 2D educational videos and animated content. This case study goes into one such company, EFFE Animation, which is animation production companies known for providing great services in the creation of an effective 2D animated video addressing plastic pollution titled Boni and her friends. #BeatPlasticPollution.”



The client, an environmental NGO fighting plastic pollution in Dhaka, was looking for a top animation production companies to develop an engaging educational video. The goal was to raise awareness among students and the wider public about the city’s growing plastic garbage problem and the importance of collaborative action to overcome it. Explore further about the range of services we offer.



  • Create a 2D animated video addressing the topic of plastic pollution.
  • To raise awareness, target students and the entire public.
  • Highlight the worrisome increase in Dhaka’s plastic waste creation throughout the years.
  • Highlight the need of collaborative efforts to fight plastic pollution.
  • In order to #BeatPlasticPollution, viewers should take action and embrace sustainable practises.



2D Animation skill: EFFE Animation’s skill in 2D animation made them the ideal choice for the project. Their portfolio featured a variety of visually stunning and entertaining 2D animated videos, establishing them as a leading animation production studio for instructional content.
EFFE Animation recognised the significance of storytelling and created a fascinating script featuring “Boni and her friends.” The characters were created to be relatable in order to establish a strong connection with the target audience.

EFFE Animation created visually beautiful visuals and animations by leveraging their ability and experience. The use of brilliant colours and smooth transitions improved the visual appeal, which kept viewers hooked.
Emphasis on Educational Content: While developing a captivating narrative, EFFE Animation made certain that the educational aspect of the video was prioritised. To make the video informative, they included real information regarding plastic contamination.
Clear Call-to-Action: The animation ended with a strong call-to-action, pushing viewers to take little but significant measures in their daily lives to minimise plastic usage and raise awareness about the issue.



Excellent Educational Video: EFFE Animation’s 2D animated video, “Boni and Friends: #BeatPlasticPollution,” was praised for its excellent quality and educational value. The inventive tale effectively communicated the gravity of the plastic waste problem.
Broad Reach: The video’s fascinating content resulted in widespread dissemination on social media platforms, reaching a large audience outside of Dhaka. The virality of the film aided in raising awareness about plastic pollution and the significance of collective action.
Positive Impact: The animation was well received by the audience, inspiring many people to embrace eco-friendly practises and actively contribute in the fight against plastic pollution.
Client Satisfaction: The environmental NGO was quite pleased with EFFE Animation’s work, naming them one of the top animation companies for creating meaningful instructional content.


animation production companies



EFFE Animation production companies has solidified their position as one of the most successful animation production companies thanks to the exceptional services they provide in the creation of visually beautiful and engaging 2D educational videos. Their work on “Boni and Friends: #BeatPlasticPollution” is evidence of their commitment to produce animation of the highest possible quality as well as content that educates viewers. By utilising the talents of its participants, EFFE Animation was able to successfully raise awareness about the issue of plastic waste and stimulate positive action among students and the wider public. The accomplishment of this project contributes to EFFE Animation’s growing reputation as a leading animation production company that specialises in producing impactful educational films. Feel free to visit our partner site for additional resources and information.



animation production companies





Project name: “Driving Change through Animation: EFFE Animation’s Impact on Plastic Pollution Awareness”

Project duration: 7 days

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