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On December 18, 2023
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As a leading animation video provider and corporate video production agency, we create compelling content in many industries. We made an effective explanation video for Agrom Mag Products, highlighting the economic benefits of their natural magnesium hydroxide-based agricultural solutions.

corporate video production agency

About Corporate Explainer Videos:

Our skilled corporate video production agency creates corporate explainer videos that help organization’s express complex concepts. Our goal in this scenario was to demonstrate the value of Agrom Mag’s products in optimizing crop yields and product amount.

Corporate Explainer Video Production:


Our corporate video production agency conducted extensive research to better understand agricultural efficiency, emphasizing the role of magnesium in crop development. Exploring economic elements in selecting additives and fertilizers, we identified key factors influencing agricultural enterprises.

The concept was rigorously crafted to highlight Agrom Mag’s eco-friendly character, emphasizing its natural origin from the mineral brucite. Our goal was to demonstrate their adaptability as feed additives, fertilizers, and anti-caking agents, with a special emphasis on magnesium-rich solutions like Agrom Mag Actimax.

Using visually appealing scenes, our creative team brought the notion to life, depicting the Agrom Mag product manufacturing process. The animation showcased the eco-friendly extraction of magnesium hydroxide from brucite and its diverse agricultural applications.

corporate video production agency


Entailed connecting the visual narrative with the client’s goals. We aimed to emphasize Agrom Mag products’ environmental friendliness and their function in soil nourishment, plant growth, and disease prevention. The animation was created to appeal to the target demographic, including farmers and agricultural enterprises.

Leveraging our expertise in animation, our corporate video production agency executed the production steps with precision. The animation process, including modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering, highlighted the subtleties of Agrom Mag’s products. Special attention was given to portraying Agrom Mag Actimax, emphasizing its high magnesium content and effectiveness as a foliar top dressing.

As a result, the explainer video effectively explained the economic advantages of Agrom Mag goods. Viewers learned about the goods’ natural origins, numerous applications, and favorable impact on crop yields. The visual representations of the manufacturing process, as well as the performance of Agrom Mag Actimax as a foliar top dressing, were highly received by the target audience.


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In conclusion,

Agrom Mag Products’ corporate explainer movie proven to be a great asset in explaining the economic efficiency of their magnesium-based solutions in agriculture. We developed an engaging narrative that not only informed but also engaged the audience by combining rigorous research, a well-crafted concept, captivating visualization, smart planning, and skilled production. This project’s success shows the power of corporate explainer videos in promoting and explaining complicated concepts across industries.

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