Enhancing Safety Through 3D safety Animation: Reliance Industries Case Study

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On August 22, 2023
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Reliance Industries, a well-known Indian company involved in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, has always prioritised safety and operational efficiency. They recognised the need to strengthen their hot work safety training programme and enlisted the help of EFFE Animation, a prominent 3D Safety animation company known for producing top-notch creative solutions. As part of Reliance Industries’ commitment to continuous improvement, their collaboration intended to improve safety awareness and training efficacy.    



The goal for Reliance Industries was to provide comprehensive and interesting safety training to its staff involved in hot jobs such as welding, cutting, non-flammable electric equipment use, and drilling. Traditional approaches to safety training were frequently time-consuming, leading in reduced retention and employee engagement.



Reliance Industries collaborated with the best 3D Safety animation company, EFFE Animation, to develop an effective 3D safety training movie focused on hot works dangers and safety practises. To meet the specialised needs of the oil and gas industry, EFFE Animation’s expert team worked together with Reliance Industries’ safety professionals to create this film.    



  • Realistic 3D Visuals: EFFE Animation generated realistic portrayals of diverse heated working circumstances using cutting-edge 3D animation techniques, allowing employees to better understand potential hazards and the need of adhering to safety precautions.
  • EFFE Animation incorporated interactive elements into the video to keep staff engaged and actively involved in the training process. Quizzes and simulations improved learning retention and developed a safety-conscious culture.
  • Multilingual Support: Recognising the workforce diversity at Reliance Industries, EFFE Animation includes language support in the safety animation video. This innovation allowed employees to access training in their local language, which improved the learning experience.
  • Approach Based on Scenarios: The safety animation used a scenario-based approach to simulate real-world work circumstances. Employees were able to connect safety practises to their regular tasks, motivating them to identify potential hazards and apply appropriate safety measures.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: EFFE Animation ensured that the safety training video addressed all aspects of hot work dangers, including proper PPE use and emergency response measures. This extensive coverage provided employees with the knowledge and abilities they needed to properly handle hot work situations.    



  • Increased Safety Awareness: The 3D safety animation increased worker safety awareness dramatically. Employees became more proactive in detecting possible hazards and implementing best practises in safety.
  • Reduced Incidents and Accidents: The thorough training film helped Reliance Industries reduce hot work-related incidents and accidents, resulting in higher production and less downtime.
  • Improved staff Engagement: The interactive method used by EFFE Animation resulted in higher staff engagement during training sessions. Employees considered the training to be fascinating and engaging, which resulted in better information retention.
  • Savings in Time and Money: By cooperating with EFFE Animation, Reliance Industries saved precious time and money that would have been spent on traditional training techniques.  


safety animation



Reliance Industries implemented a high-quality hot works safety training video with EFFE Animation, the leading 3D safety animation business. The appealing and informative 3D animation inspired personnel to prioritise safety and follow best practises in their daily operations. This relationship shows Reliance Industries’ commitment to oil and gas excellence and employee safety and productivity. EFFE Animation’s safety animation skills helped Reliance Industries improve safety awareness and training, saving lives and boosting safety standards. For more information : Visit  


safety animation


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