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On October 20, 2020
Game Based Learning video

About Quiz and Game Based Learning:

Game based learning is fun and enthralling, most preferred digital content developed in eLearning platforms. The use of graphics/visuals in videos generally makes a marginal difference to student’s learning performance; their attention, interest and engagement levels; and their eventual learning performance compared with videos with no graphics/visuals.

Process of Quiz and Games Video:


The process of Quiz and Games Video:


Game based learning is based on motivating & challenging real-life scenarios & stories to enrich the learning experience. It involves mind sport, and helps to have a better idea of how well audience are grasping the material, hopefully motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice.

Build concept

Concept Creating for online quiz and games involves drafting the right questions and answers, inserting them at the right point, and presenting them in a relevant and interactive format. Steps involved creating quiz and games are Classification Quizzes, Spin the Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe etc.


Every scene and shots are hand sketched as per the video visualization, team of creative thinkers and artist work on it bring the best unique way of expression in the video. We ensure to reach out the relevant audience.


Planning involves to bring the concept to Real Picture. Proper planning by team of experts before working on quiz and games projects results in the best outcome. This will make the concepts more fun and interactive for the audience. Creative team discuss along with the web team for the video establishment.


Our production plan involves as below, the title of the quiz and games would be fun and timely.


Have a strategy for what topics and questions will cover, to make the user feel like they’re on a thrill ride. Our Expertise Artists in each field strive to give their best outcome. VFX plays a key Role in delivering the Final Output.

Game Based Learning video

game based learning

Team Members:

Producer, Director, Script Writer, Production Manager, CG Supervisor, Music Director, Editor, Animation Supervisor, Modelling & Texturing, Rigger & Animator, Lighting & coloring artist, Effects artist, Accounting, Marketing & PR, Re – Recording mixer, Instructional Designer & Graphic Designer.


Target Audience: Be Visible. Be digitally unique

Industry: Find the expert ways to advertise your business

Medium of Distribution: Online Promotion & Social Platforms, Television Advertising & Distribution.


Our Design Uniqueness:

In differentiation, not in uniformity, lies the unique path of progress. We believe this and satisfy our clients based on this. We are strong in both aspects of Animation works &VFX Works. Our VFX partner https://vfxstudio.in/


Project name: Quiz and Games Video

Project duration: 30 days

Project cost: Get quote

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