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On October 29, 2020
Kids eLearning Video

About Kids eLearning Animation Company:

Video-based learning has long been used as an educational tool to assist in classroom teaching,A number of recent advances, most notably the rapid growth in access to high-speed internet through homes, schools, and personal devices such as tablets or smartphones, have had a significant impact in changing the learning environment and accelerating video use in higher education. Looking for eLearning services, we create and develop video content for k12 and video-based Learning.

Process of Kids eLearning Video:

We follow the process for Kids Learning Video:


Kids learning videos generally provide educational content through fun videos for preschoolers and toddlers. The understanding of the content plays a major role in the research stage. We also understand the various syllabus of the kindergarten program, and plan our videos according to it

Build a concept

Our content features fun and high-quality animations. Specialized content writers, strive to make rich and engaging concepts that will be fun for kids. The educational videos are made using colorful themes and contents so that learning time is engaging for the kid.


Viewing a video can be both educational and entertaining. Every scene and shot are hand sketched as per the video visualization, team of creative thinkers and artist work on it brings the best unique way of expression in the video.


Planning involves to bring the concept to Real Picture. Time constraint is there to produce the Kids learning videos. Production planning is done by the creative director, who aim to give the best outcome. Our Creative team also plans the VFX works with the post production team.


Team of expertise animators and VFX artist understand the inputs and work together to create the kids learning videos. Short content videos are produced in a way to make the children understand along with some entertaining factors.

elearning animation company

elearning animation company

Team Members:

Producer, Director, Script Writer, Production Manager, CG Supervisor, Music Director, Editor, Animation Supervisor, 2D Modelling & Texturing, 2D Rigger & Animator, 2D Lighting & coloring artist, Effects artist, Accounting, Marketing & PR, Re – Recording mixer, Instructional Designer & Graphic Designer.

Target Audience: Kids, preschoolers & toddlers.

Industry: Education, E-learning, etc.,

The medium of Distribution: Online Promotion & Social Platforms, Television Advertising & Distribution.

Our Design Uniqueness:

Cost Affordable Video Production along with Media Buying and Planning Service is our core unique strengths. Distribution and creating stunning, result-oriented videos for our clients to establish their services are our potentials.


Project name: Kids eLearning Video

Project duration: 30 days

Project cost: Get quote

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