Revolutionizing augmented reality e-commerce through AR apps

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On February 14, 2024
augmented reality e-commerce

 Project Overview:

  • Project Name: Augmented Reality E-Commerce Apps
  • Objective: Develop augmented reality mobile apps that enable customers to visually examine products prior to online purchases.
  • Service Type: Augmented Reality Application Development
  • Industry: E-Commerce
  • Timeline: Estimated 8-10 weeks based on scope
  • Target Audience: Online shoppers, e-commerce businesses


Project Plan:

Our robust development roadmap focused on crafting cross-platform augmented reality e-commerce experiences that would integrate smoothly across our clients’ existing e-commerce infrastructure. We placed heavy emphasis on designing intuitive user interfaces for simplicity and constructing photorealistic 3D product models to visualize.


Project Description:

By enabling customers to visually display and engage with realistic product representations within their own locations, our augmented reality idea connects the gap between purchasing online and shopping in physical stores. Because of this realistic augmented reality e-commerce capacity, consumers are able to make more educated purchasing decisions and have more enjoyable shopping experiences.

augmented reality e-commerce

About EFFE:

EFFE Animation is a creative design and technology firm that helps businesses and companies with services like AR, VR application, 3D animated video making, 3D modeling and innovative designs. Our team of experts serves the extended reality requirements for clients in both the technical topics and marketing concepts. Our services can help you plan and provide 3D user experience for high engagement and performance.


Our Process:

We followed a comprehensive design, development, and implementation process to create transformative augmented reality experiences for e-commerce:

augmented reality e-commerce

Research: Understand competitors, trends, and target audience to define the AR experience.

Conceptualization: Plan the AR feature’s purpose, user journey, and basic functionality.

Selecting AR Technology: Choose a platform compatible with your needs and devices

Choosing Development Tools: Pick languages, frameworks, and software for efficient 3D development.

App Design and UI: Prioritize clarity, aesthetics, and user education for the AR integration.

3D Asset Creation: Make high-quality, optimized models with variations for different options.

3D Animations Creations: Design subtle animations for interaction, transitions, and storytelling.

Interaction: Define intuitive touch, gesture, and voice controls for users to interact naturally.

Testing: Ensure flawless functionality, ease of use, and smooth performance across devices.

Marketing and Launch: Build pre-launch hype, optimize app store presence, and track user engagement.


Our Team:

We have a cross-functional team of veteran AR experts, 3D artists, Unity developers, UI/UX designers and e-commerce strategists collaborating from conceptualization to delivery. Our augmented reality dream team balances leading-edge innovation with human-centered design thinking, translating visionary retail experiences from conception through execution, on time.



Engaging Experience: Provide an engaging user experience by creating a visually appealing AR environment that smoothly integrates virtual objects into the real world.

Interaction in Real Time: Dynamic and responsive AR interactions improve user engagement.

Friendly User Interface: Provide an intuitive interface that let people browse and interact with AR features.

Editable Content: Customizable content lets users customize AR interactions based on their interests.

Supports multiple languages: Voiceovers can make the AR software accessible to a global audience in many languages.


Watch our  augmented reality e-commerce industry videos


Measuring Success:

We measure success through metrics like increased conversion rates, lowered return requests, positive app store ratings, and achievement of client e-commerce objectives through augmented reality technology.


Source File Assurance:

We securely store all AR project source files for 5+ years to enable future app changes and iterations.

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