Immersive Augmented Reality Technology for E-Learning Experience on the Human Digestive System

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On February 14, 2024
Augmented Reality Technology

Project Overview:

• Project name:  Augmented Reality Technology for E-Learning Module on the Human Digestive System
• Objective: To Create an engaging and interactive e-learning module to teach students about the human digestive system using AR technology.
• Service type: Augmented Reality Integration.
• Industry: Education
• Timeline: Depending on project scale and complexity.
• Target audience: K-12 students, biology and anatomy students

Project Plan:

Our team developed an immersive Augmented Reality Technology for e-learning module on the human digestive system for middle school students. We conducted extensive research on AR in education and the biology of the digestive system. After finalizing the script and storyboard, we created 3D models of organs using Maya and ZBrush. The development team then programmed the AR interactions in Unity with Vuforia and incorporated it into an e-learning platform. Rigorous testing ensured a smooth user experience on mobile devices.

Module Description:

Our interactive module allows students to explore the human digestive system in Augmented Reality Technology. It covers the elementary canal, organs involved, the digestive process, absorption, and excretion. Students can examine 3D models of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver, pancreas, large intestine, and more. The project teaches the journey of food with animations and labels.

Augmented reality technology

About EFFE:

EFFE is an immersive technology company specializing in augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D animation and game development. Our AR e-learning modules make learning highly engaging and interactive for students. With a skilled team of programmers, animators and instructional designers, we create unforgettable educational experiences. Feel free to visit our partner site for additional resources and information.

  How We Do It:


  • Research: Did a lot of market study to find AR apps that are already out there.
  • Conceptualization: Come up with unique AR features that meet the client’s needs by thinking of ideas and picturing them.
  • Select an AR technology: We pick marker-based, marker-less, or location-based AR depending on the task at hand.
  • Chose Development Tools: Pick AR development tools and platforms that are built on the most up-to-date and reliable technology such as Unity, ARKit for iOS, ARCore, and Vuforia for Android). Make the app’s design simple and easy to use to improve the user experience.
  • Design of the app and the user interface: Used wireframes and mockups to see how the app would work and how it would flow. Geo-location was also used to make location-based AR better.
  • Making 3D assets: Made AR 3D models, photos, and movies of good quality. Made sure that the content gives users the right knowledge and improves their experience.
  • 3D Animations Creations: 3D animations that are captivating and use AR. We made animations to improve storytelling and make material more interesting.
  • Interaction: thought about combining the augmented reality app with e-learning services to make it easy to get to learning parts, interactive lessons, and a database of digestive system information.
  • Testing: Do thorough user testing to find and fix any issues or problems.
  • Marketing and Launch: Made a plan for marketing an AR game. Put the app on the right app stores to reach the people you want to reach.

augmented reality technology


  • Engaging Experience: Provide an engaging user experience by creating a visually appealing AR environment that smoothly integrates virtual objects into the real world.
  • Interaction in Real Time: Dynamic and responsive AR interactions improve user engagement.
  • Friendly User Interface: Provide an intuitive interface that let people browse and interact with AR features.
  • Editable Content: Customizable content lets users customize AR interactions based on their interests.
  • Supports multiple languages: Voiceovers can make the AR software accessible to a global audience in many languages.

Measuring Success:

EFFE’s augmented reality technology services stand out because we put user experience, interest, and retention first. Our track record of achievement is clear because we finish projects on time, our clients are happy, and our internal team is strong. Our Project Internal Team and Post Production Team work seamlessly together to create outstanding result. Get in touch with our team if you want similar animated movies, and let EFFE make building your brand impression easier. Explore further about the range of services we offer.

Source Files:

After project completion, EFFE Technology keeps source files for 5 years so clients can edit or expand on the VR program as needed.

Watch Our augmented reality technology Video: 

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